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We are about creating something special leaving you with an experience that will resonate long after your treatment has finished.

Brilliant treatments that are second to non and in comfort. With our experience you can excellence in unbelievably short treatment times and fewer visits.

 M.C. 28th Dec 2018: Today was my last appointment with Mr Patel and I must say I am gutted. As much as I enjoyed hearing about his knowledge in teeth his taste in music has changed me. I never imagined myself with such straight teeth in a short amount of time. The service here is without a doubt very comforting and reassuring.

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Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

A coat of confidence

Confidence is about walking into a room full of strangers and not having to think about it beforehand.

We know the importance of confidence and the impact it has on our lifestyle, vision and hopes. Orthodontics is just one way to help us reach this self-assurance.

There is no better coat to wear than that of confidence.

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Life is like.....an Onion?

We are often told that we ‘change lives’ – although this is flattering, do we truly change lives?

Orthodontics opens one to greater self-confidence, but perhaps we just help our patients uncover a part of themselves that they have always had; it was just hidden.

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Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

Evolution and perfection

While we appreciate that our team is often complimented, it remains a journey to strive for perfection as best we can, which means we are constantly evolving.

This is evolution and the journey of perfection – the closer we get, the more we discover and better ourselves.


Nervous or afraid of dental-related visits? 

We fear the unknown, so it is only natural that one is nervous or even scared before a dental-related visit.

We ease these feelings by creating an environment to feel comfortable and use an approach where you can understand what is important to you.

If you are interested in a more in-depth understanding of how you can feel comfortable, please click here.

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Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

We listen and seek

We don't just listen to what you have to say, we seek to understand your needs.

Sometimes it is in the silent moments that we can uncover one's underlying message and reasoning.

Want to be understood?


“Great artists have sense of vision and purpose; They can see a cathedral within a pile of stones or an expanse of a story to be written on a canvas."

With our passion of the arts and appreciation of maths and science, we have a potent solution for obtaining the best facial harmony and natural looking smile; while intersecting with precision and fine detail.

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Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

Treatments by Mahesh Patel. Image Copyright ©

Thank you

'I used to think orthodontics was platform to demonstrate my technical skills. Later in my career when I read testimonials, I discovered  it was more; it was important and meaningful to my patients. Many expressed how it changed their world and their perception for their future. Now, before I leave for home I read all the testimonials for the day. I find it quite humbling.' Mahesh Patel

As Tony Bennett remarked about jazz and his audiences: " I make them feel good and they make me feel wonderful."

Want to see our passion in action?

real people, real progress

Qualified Orthodontic Assistant. GDC no.:273687


Trainee Orthodontic Assistant


Trainee Orthodontic Assistant


Administrator and Decontamination Nurse


Senior Orthodontic Assistant and DJ Lead GDC no.:268571


Qualified Assistant and accounts. GDC:158338


Information Technology and Administer



Manager. GDC no.:210949



Specialist Interest in Orthodontics. GDC no.: 53041
Professional Interest: Management of the worn dentition, its prevention and restoration
Outside Interest: Bridge, golf, gastronomy critic

Pankaj Amin

Specialist Orthodontist and HR Lead GDC no.:154774
BDS MJDF MClinDent MOrth(Eng)
Outside Interests: Extreme cycling, triathlon

Jay Patel

Senior Specialist Orthodontist and IG Lead. GDC no.: 60752
Professional Interest: Correction of difficult malocclusions in the teenage group
Outside Interest: Music and the cosmos - far out man!

Stephen Blight

Director and Lead Orthodontist.
Child / VA Protection Lead. GDC no.: 54230
Professional interest: Adult Orthodontics, Special needs Orthodontics, Getting things just right in a realist and efficient manner.
Outside interest: Creative arts as the highest form of communication.
2019: improve my guitar skills. Should be easy considering its pretty grim at present.

Mahesh Patel

“My daughter had a problem with her bite. Within only two months the difference was profound and has completely changed her face and smile.”


M. Hassan

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for Steven. He looks like a different boy; so handsome and so much more confident.”


Steve’s mum!

“I grind my teeth at night and my teeth are wearing down. Mr. Patel’s preventative recommendations will negate further deterioration and I can be assured of my teeth’s longevity.  Am in awe of his expertise.”


Michelle H.

“You have given me the smile I should always have had. Thank you also for the many topics of conversation in my sessions.”



“Thank you so very much for giving me the smile I always dreamt of. Mr. Patel is a genius.”



“Thank you so much. I will now be able to smile proudly on my wedding day.”



“Thank you for my new smile and the lovely music.”


Digna G.

“Thank   you   for   making   me   x10   sexier.”



“So let’s hope my modelling career can now take-off.”


Arsalan M.

“You   really   do   change   people’s   lives.”



“I now feel comfortable enough to laugh to my heart’s content.”


James B