Fees - Adults

£900- £1600 Social six front six teeth

For short and simple treatment less than 6 months. 

From £1000 per arch - Simple to intermediate complexity

Basic mild irregularities with no deep-bite or arch shape corrections.

From £1600 per arch - Intermediate complexity

Irregularities with requiring deep-bite or arch shape corrections.

From £2100 per arch -  Advanced orthodontics

Advanced orthodontics with complications.

Examples of our Adult Orthodontics:   Adult Orthodontics

Additional Fees

Initial investment:

Consultation: £90. Includes images.

Diagnostics and Treatment Plan Report: £140. 3D Scan of the mouth, two x-rays, prints and your comprehensive report.

Enhancements and retainers:

Ceramic appliance: £550 arch

Incognito:£2200 per arch

Fixed retainers: £260 each

Vacuum formed retainers: £65 or £95 each

Are the fees paid all at once?

There are three options:

1. £350 on fitted each brace and then £200 per month. This is the most popular.

2. Advance payments by the second visit into treatment: this would qualify for a discount.

3. Personalised plan which you could suggest. Conditions apply.

There is no added interest charges. Terms and conditions apply and are given in the full report.

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