Functional Treatments

On this page you can see the wonders of orthodontic treatment with us with changes in the facial profile. With over 30 years in orthodontics, it never ceases to amaze me how well children adapt to the therapy and the stunning changes they can bring about.

At times, we have been able to convert patients destined towards facial surgery/jaw surgery to a more harmonious  and balanced facial proportion with well designed custom braces. For many orthodontists this is the pinnacle of high end orthodontic treatment and to witness quite often the improvement of a child's development, self-esteem and enhanced quality of life is inspiring and self-rewarding. As in the words of Tony Bennett, jazz singer extraordinaire: 'I try to make them feel good and they in turn make me feel wonderful.'

The cases presented here have has no facial surgery, plastic surgery or botox etc to bring about these remarkable changes often in short time periods of 3 months.

These are often two stage treatments with the first part aimed to correcting the jaw positions and the second part with straightening of the teeth with fixed braces. The first part can be 6 months usually. If facial growth or development is slow or are in the 15+ age group the first stage can be longer. The fixed part is usually 9 months on average.

Mahesh Patel

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