Extreme 2/2 Deepbite

This is a remarkable case. A treatment time of less than 2 years belies the quality of the workmanship which went into the management. There was a history of extractions and an attempt to straighten the teeth in her teens at another clinic.

Despite her wish to straighten the upper teeth only, we advised that without the correction of the lower teeth, this would not be possible. She thought about this..........9.5 years after her initial visit, she placed faith and trust in out diagnosis and treatment plan she undertook orthodontics. She opted for a ceramic upper brace and a steel lower brace.

22 months later; what a transformation and what a rewarding journey for the patient and the myself. Unfortunately, two teeth which were removed in her teeth had to be replaced with new teeth.

It is a timely reminder why we place so much emphasis on our diagnostics and treatment plan to ensure the best possible advice and end result.


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