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My teeth used to stick out 10mm!



TYPE OF BRACE: Twin-Blocks and Straight wire stainless steel

The deepbite relapsed mid treatment and was slow to respond

Solution: Elongating the lower brace to the lower second molar+ Elastic wear.

Result: This is a nice facial change with a forward strong jaw position that lends to a good masculine jaw structure. The change shows the transition from the 'cute' baby face proportions with chubby cheeks to the mature stronger facial form associated with the late teens and adult facial form. Anthropologists and evolution theories have developed opinions on why as parents, we do not see the small jaw positions in children which is directed to our protective roles for the younger. This behavioral inclination is used very well in caricature by Disney in many of their cartoons - Bambi being a classical example.

Fees: From £2600-£4100. The increased treatment time to correct the deepbite could increase the fee because additional appointments may be required. The deepbite correction is essential for a good overjet reduction and long term stability.

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